John Bovey

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We describe the results of empirical investigations that explore the effectiveness of moving graph diagrams to improve the comprehension of their structure. The investigations involved subjects playing a game that required understanding the structure of a number of graphs. The use of a game as the task was intended to motivate the exploration of the graph(More)
The paper describes a project to set up a graph-game Web site as a platform for carrying out exploratory experiments in graph comprehension. A few potential games are considered with the Shannon switching game being the most promising because of the ease with which challenging game graphs can be generated. Finally, the paper describes the architecture of(More)
We describe a system that enables us to perform exploratory empirical experiments with graph visualization techniques by incorporating them into games that can be played on an internet site, the Graph Games Website We present a general discussion of games as a test-bed for empirical experiments in graph comprehension, and explain why they might, in(More)
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