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New reagents containing high concentrations of urea are developed for micro-titration of calcium and magnesium, with ethylenediamine tetra-acetic acid (E.D.T.A.) as titrant and Corinth Ca (Plasmocorinth B) as indicator. Magnesium is determined as the difference between calcium plus magnesium and calcium. Quantitative aspects are studied, and accurate(More)
Improved methods are described for the determination of serum iron (SeFe) and latent iron-binding capacity under controlled conditions of pH. As before, no precipitation or heating of the serum is required, and controls are not used. Unbuffered sulphonated bathophenanthroline is employed for colour development. Statistical data for 40 normals are presented(More)
OBJECTIVE The Society for Vascular Surgery Wound, Ischemia, foot Infection (WIfI) system aims to stratify threatened limbs according to their anticipated natural history and estimate the likelihood of benefit from revascularization, but whether it accurately stratifies outcomes in limbs undergoing aggressive treatment for limb salvage is unknown. We(More)
Improvements in the Zimmermann reaction are effected by using methanol as a solvent for the reagents employed in the reaction in place of ethanol or aqueous ethanol. The advantages are as follows. Considerably lower blanks are obtained; extraneous chromogens are negligible at the wavelength of measurement, so that no correction procedure or extraction(More)
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