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A method of in situ hybridization for visualizing individual human chromosomes from pter to qter, both in metaphase spreads and interphase nuclei, is reported. DNA inserts from a single chromosomal library are labeled with biotin and partially preannealed with a titrated amount of total human genomic DNA prior to hybridization with cellular or chromosomal(More)
Specific chromosome domains in interphase nuclei of neurons and glia were studied by three-dimensional (3-D) reconstruction of serial optical sections from in situ hybridized human CNS tissue. Overall patterns of centromere organization, delineated with alphoid repeats, were comparable to those seen in mouse, and are clearly conserved in mammalian(More)
The position of selected chromosomes was assessed in samples of normal and epileptic human cortex with biotinylated probes specific for individual chromosome domains. Optical sectioning provided a rapid method for three-dimensional resolution of in situ hybridization signals in interphase cells, and solid models were reconstructed from digitized images for(More)
Chromosome aberrations in two glioma cell lines were analyzed using biotinylated DNA library probes that specifically decorate chromosomes 1, 4, 7, 18 and 22 from pter to qter. Numerical changes, deletions and rearrangements of these chromosomes were readily visualized in metaphase spreads, as well as in early prophase and interphase nuclei. Complete(More)
There are rare reports of children with hydromyelia in association with arachnoid cysts at the foramen of Magendie, and these cases have uniformly been associated with hydrocephalus. We report a case of a 45-year-old woman with a posterior fossa cyst associated with hydromyelia and normal ventricles. This was successfully treated with a cystoperitoneal(More)
The authors have operated a consecutive series of 80 acoustic neurinomas. They were able to preserve the facial nerve in 53 patients. In thirteen cases an intracranial reconstruction of the nerve was performed : six times by direct anastomosis, in seven cases by grafting the nerve with the sural nerve. Details of the operative technique and the functional(More)
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