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Design automation methodology and rf/analog modeling for rf CMOS and SiGe BiCMOS technologies The rapidly expanding telecommunications market has led to a need for advanced rf integrated circuits. Complex rf-and mixed-signal system-on-chip designs require accurate prediction early in the design schedule, and time-to-market pressures dictate that design(More)
An ipsilateral upper neck trigger point was found in 21 of 24 patients with unilateral headache. During the prodromic period this trigger point was detected as a tender protrusion on neck palpation. In 18 out of 24 patients it was also found during the headache-free period. On standard roentgenogram, this protrusion seemed to be a laterally developed C2(More)
Two days after an experimental whiplash performed on anesthetized Long-Evans female rats, without any direct blow to the head, we observed: (1) a hypotension (in supine position) (P less than 0.01), (2) a disturbance of the postural regulation of cerebral blood flow (P less than 0.01), (3) a disturbance of learning behavior characterized by decreased(More)
The authors report several cases of patients who presented with pain in one or both calves and a limping gait. Clinical examination and the EMG confirmed that these disorders were of musculo-tendinous origin, maximal at the level of the gemellus tendon, frequently forming a tendinitis. The syndrome consists of a hypertonia of the calves which is maximal on(More)
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