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BACKGROUND The prevalence of dementia is of interest worldwide. Contemporary estimates are needed to plan for future care provision, but much evidence is decades old. We aimed to investigate whether the prevalence of dementia had changed in the past two decades by repeating the same approach and diagnostic methods as used in the Medical Research Council(More)
Current UK policy with respect to the provision of health and social care for older people suggests that greater integration is required. Economists' attempts to assist resource allocation decisions, however, are very health focused, with concentration on the use of health-related quality of life measures. This paper reports an attempt to determine(More)
Kufor-Rakeb syndrome is an autosomal recessive nigro-striatal-pallidal-pyramidal neurodegeneration. The onset is in the teenage years with clinical features of Parkinson's disease plus spasticity, supranuclear upgaze paresis, and dementia. Brain scans show atrophy of the globus pallidus and pyramids and, later, widespread cerebral atrophy. We report linkage(More)
Fuhrmann syndrome and the Al-Awadi/Raas-Rothschild/Schinzel phocomelia syndrome are considered to be distinct limb-malformation disorders characterized by various degrees of limb aplasia/hypoplasia and joint dysplasia in humans. In families with these syndromes, we found homozygous missense mutations in the dorsoventral-patterning gene WNT7A and confirmed(More)
OBJECTIVES To determine the effectiveness of multifactorial intervention to prevent falls in cognitively intact older persons with recurrent falls. DESIGN Randomised controlled trial of multifactorial (medical, physiotherapy and occupational therapy) post-fall assessment and intervention compared with conventional care. SETTING Accident & Emergency(More)
BACKGROUND The issue of diagnostic disclosure in dementia has been debated extensively in professional journals, but empirical data concerning disclosure in dementia has not previously been systematically reviewed. OBJECTIVE To review empirical data regarding diagnostic disclosure in dementia. METHODS Five electronic databases were searched up to(More)
OBJECTIVES To determine the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of non-pharmacological interventions (excluding subjective barriers) in the prevention of wandering in people with dementia, in comparison with usual care, and to evaluate through the review and a qualitative study the acceptability to stakeholders of such interventions and identify ethical(More)
OBJECTIVES To determine the predictive power of patient and service characteristics on place of discharge following hospital admission for an acute stroke and for hip fracture. METHODS Prospective cohort of 440 acute stroke and 572 hip fracture patients aged 65 years or over admitted from home to six district general hospitals and associated community(More)
INTRODUCTION Nonpharmacological therapies (NPTs) can improve the quality of life (QoL) of people with Alzheimer's disease (AD) and their carers. The objective of this study was to evaluate the best evidence on the effects of NPTs in AD and related disorders (ADRD) by performing a systematic review and meta-analysis of the entire field. METHODS Existing(More)
A study of interprofessional collaboration involving 148 general practitioner and district nurse pairs and 161 general practitioner and health visitor pairs was undertaken in 20 health districts throughout England in 1982-83. Data were collected using personal interviews and a prospective record of referrals and consultations. The ratings of collaboration(More)