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OBJECTIVE Considerable controversy persists regarding the use of human antibiotics to promote growth in animals raised for food. The authors examined the economic effect of removing antibiotics used for growth promotion in commercial broiler chickens. METHODS The authors utilized data published by the Perdue company, the fourth largest poultry producer in(More)
If they could be easily exfoliated, layered materials would become a diverse source of two-dimensional crystals whose properties would be useful in applications ranging from electronics to energy storage. We show that layered compounds such as MoS(2), WS(2), MoSe(2), MoTe(2), TaSe(2), NbSe(2), NiTe(2), BN, and Bi(2)Te(3) can be efficiently dispersed in(More)
This paper reviews the current literature around the environmental impacts of dietary recommendations. The focus of the review is on collating evidence relating to environmental impacts of the dietary advice found in the World Health Organisation guidelines, and environmental impact literature: reducing the consumption of fat, reducing the consumption of(More)
Cover image note: the image showing floodwaters surrounding the Arco Arena in Sacramento, California on the cover of this document has been edited and is not authentic. It was made to illustrate the depth of flooding predicted if that area of Sacramento were to experience levee failure or overtopping and thus be subjected to deep flooding. Used by(More)
The world's tenth largest river in terms of annual flow volume, the Mekong is comparatively undeveloped in terms of its exploitable water resources, so that its hydrological regime remains largely natural and unregulated. However, this is about to change given the scale of water resources schemes proposed over the next two decades. These include over 23(More)
The measurement of Poisson's ratio of nanomaterials is extremely challenging. Here we report a lateral atomic force microscope experimental method to electromechanically measure the Poisson's ratio and gauge factor of individual nanowires. Under elastic loading conditions we monitor the four-point resistance of individual metallic nanowires as a function of(More)
In 2001, the Council of the National Academy of Sciences initiated the " National Associates " program to recognize extraordinary contributions to our organization through pro bono service to National Research Council and Institute of Medicine programs. Every year over 7,000 dedicated individuals serve without compensation on study and oversight committees(More)
The various products from the reaction of chlorine (Cl) with the adatom layer of the Si(111)-(7x7) surface have been identified with scanning tunneling microscopy (STM). Initially, a single Cl atom reacts with the adatom dangling bond. At higher surface coverage, additional Cl atoms insert themselves into the Si-Si backbonds between the adatom and rest-atom(More)