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Graduates of four rural and four urban family practice programs were interviewed to determine the nature of their practices and the factors that had influenced their practice location decisions. All programs gave residents substantial experience providing continuity of care for underserved populations. Of the 158 physicians surveyed, 58 (46%) were working(More)
To the Editor: Dr. Legler's article on "Otitis Media" (JABFP 1991; 4:331-9), exhaustive as it was, missed one key point tobacco smoke in the child's environment. Smoke-filled rooms are considered "normal" in North Carolina. Tubes are scheduled before anyattempt to isolate the kids from the cigarettes. Perhaps this is intended under "compliance" problems,(More)
You may have had an opportunity to catch one of my presentations on The Signal Economy at a recent conference or symposium, or browsed through my presentation slides online. You may have gotten a general grasp of what “signal” means and how a world filled with data being generated online every day by trillions of sensors, mobile devices and Web publishing(More)