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In a longitudinal study of 47 girls and 44 boys, developmental change in self-esteem (SE) was examined from early adolescence through late adolescence to early adulthood. Males tended to increase and females tended to decrease in SE over time. There was appreciable rank-order consistency in SE over time. Within each gender, the considerable individual(More)
Recent investigations suggest that a history of childhood sexual abuse may be associated with borderline personality disorder. This study compares a group of female adolescents diagnosed as borderline with a control group for history of physical and sexual abuse. History of both forms of abuse, particularly sexual, distinguishes the two groups. Results(More)
Self-concept and need for achievement of athletically active and relatively inactive American males with physical disabilities were investigated using the Tennessee Self-Concept Scale Counseling Form (Fitts, 1965) and the Thematic Apperception Test (McClelland, Clark, Roby, & Atkinson, 1949). The subjects were 45 men, ranging from 18 to 40 years old, with(More)
  • Collins Cathy, John Block, Mangieri, Block, John Mangieri, Beck +2 others
  • 2007
A Powerful Research Story: Word Forward™ It has long been established that vocabulary knowledge is critical to successful reading comprehension and, therefore, to becoming an expert reader. Further, research-based data reveal how best to provide students with effective vocabulary instruction and practice. are nationally recognized academic leaders who have(More)
In a recent paper, Haan and Livson reported sex differences between male and female psychologists in their evaluations of adult men and adult women. Their conclusions have implication for the validity of clinical assessments and were interpreted in terms of stereotypic sex role perceptions. However, their statistical analysis was in fundamental error. When(More)
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