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Plaques constructed with 125I were used to irradiate the sites of perforating ocular injuries in rabbits. An approximate dose of 16Gy given over a period of 6 days was shown to significantly reduce intraocular cellular proliferation when irradiation was commenced within 24 hours after injury. If irradiation was delayed until day 5, this reduction in(More)
THE eosinophil cell of the blood is usually packed with large spheroidal granules. These measure from 0.25 to 0.5 microns in diameter, and average over two hundred per cell. Their number and size vary somewhat in disease, and in a film from a patient with asthma some of the cells only contained from eighty to a hundred granules. In spite of their relatively(More)
I FEEL that no greater honour could have been conferred uponl mlie by mily colleagues than that I should have been asked to deliver this year's Robert Camlipbell Oratioln. Yet it was with more than usual diffidence that I accepted their invitation. In tlle past when we have drawni orators from outside our own school we have been able to honiour a Colebrook(More)
MY first duty must be to welcome to this hospital the new generation of students. Each year brings to its wards a stream of new life. Those who have gone before you have built up the traditions of the century which you now inherit, but those of you here today have the peculiar privilege of not only maintainng the traditions of the past, but also of(More)
CASE I The patient, D. L., was a female child aged 22 months. On 4/11/43 she had what her mother described as a "choking turn," following which she held her left arm limply and stumbled when attempting to walk. She appeared to be in pain, held herself rigid, with her head retracted, and rolled her eyes from side to side. She did not develop any increase in(More)
Alexander Bogdanov (1873-1928) – scientist, philosopher, economist, physician, novelist, poet, and Marxist revolutionary – is mostly ignored by general histories of Europe and Russia and generally appears only as a minor character in the more specialized works of Russian philosophy and the Russian Social-Democratic movement. Yet it seems that no one who(More)