John Bierbauer

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In agreement with earlier results, follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) enhances spermatogenesis in the snail. Thyreotropic hormone (TSH), which resembles FSH in its chemical structure, acts in the same way as does adrenocorticotropic hormone (ACTH) to a lesser extent. As opposed to FSH, TSH and ACTH clearly increased the number of mature egg cells. The(More)
In the ovotestis of Helix pomatia both oogenesis and spermatogenesis were influenced by treatments with steroid hormones produced in the gonads of higher vertebrates. Testosterone influenced gametogenesis to a small degree. Progesterone and oestrone-acetate at first stimulated ovogenesis, but they also acted on spermatogenesis. All three hormones examined(More)
Gametogenesis of the snail was shown to be affected by cortisol, deoxycorticosterone and 19-nortestosterone. An activation of the ovogenetic apparatus while uncertain responses of spermiogenesis were observed. On the basis of effects of non-gonadospecific steroids it is concluded that the receptors of the snail's spermiocytes are not selective. The(More)
As object-oriented programming becomes a main-stream technology, instructors are wrestling with how to incorporate it into the Computer Science curriculum. In what ways does teaching object-oriented techniques differ from teaching procedural programming? What are the barriers for both professors and students encountering object-oriented programming for the(More)
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