John Bergstrom

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Ecosystem services are the specific results of ecosystem processes that either directly sustain or enhance human life (as does natural protection from the sun's harmful ultraviolet rays) or maintain the quality of ecosystem goods (as water purification maintains the quality of streamflow). "Ecosystem service" has come to represent several related topics(More)
Meta-analysis, or the " study of studies " , attempts to statistically measure systematic relationships between reported valuation estimates for an environmental good or service and attributes of the study that generated the estimates including valuation methods, human population and sample characteristics, and characteristics of the good or service itself.(More)
Many communities are interested in developing and maintaining recreational trails to benefit trail users and as tourist attractions to stimulate economic growth. In this paper, a study is described which estimates the net economic value to trail users and the local economic impacts of the Virginia Creeper Rail Trail in southwestern Virginia, USA. The(More)
Ecosystem goods and services emanate from a functioning ecosystem and are of direct value to humans. They enter the utility function either directly (without any other inputs), or along with labor, capital, and other produced goods as inputs in a production process resulting in consumable goods. Most ecosystem goods and services have produced—although(More)
Abstrc~ct: More than 1,900 people in the United States over age 15 were asked about their awareness of the National Wilderness Preservation System, adequacy of the amount of wilderness protected, and the importance of various benefits or values from wilderness protection. Findings indicate broad support for the concept of wilderness, based mostly on the(More)
As agriculture faces documented decline in bees and other insect pollinators, empirical assessments of potential economic losses are critical for contextualizing the impacts of this decline and for prioritizing research needs. For the state of Georgia, we show that the annual economic value of biotic pollinators is substantial--US$367 million, equivalent to(More)
or programs, such as watershed ecosystem restoration, are designed to improve multiple ecosystem services and consist of multiple components or parts. The valuation of such policies or programs should address the multi-dimensionality of the problem. A hybrid of the contingent valuation method (CVM) and attribute-based analysis (Holmes and Adamowicz 2003) is(More)
EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: Understanding customer satisfaction is critical to the successful operation of both privately and publicly managed recreation venues. A popular tool for assessing recreation visitor satisfaction is Importance-Performance Analysis (IPA). IPA provides resource managers, government officials, and private businesses with easy-to-understand(More)