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The approach that one chooses to evolve software-intensive systems depends on the organization, the system, and the technology. We believe that significant progress in system architecture, system understanding, object technology, and net-centric computing make it possible to economically evolve software systems to a state in which they exhibit greater(More)
ix 1 A Workshop on Architecture Genres for the U.S. Army 1 1.1 Background 1 1.2 Workshop Purpose 1 1.3 Workshop Participants 1 1.4 About This Workshop 2 1.5 Organization of This Report 4 2 Presentation Summaries 5 2.1 Enterprise Architecture―Carol Wortman, U.S. Army CIO/G-6 5 2.2 System of Systems Architecture―Judith Dahmann, Senior Principal(More)
Abstract Organizations often suffer harm from individuals who bear them no malice but whose actions unintentionally expose the organizations to risk in some way. This paper examines initial findings from research on such cases, referred to as unintentional insider threat (UIT). The goal of this paper is to inform government and industry stakeholders about(More)