John Bennett

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We report the characterization of rice OsHKT1 (Oryza sativa ssp. indica) homologous to the wheat K+/Na+-symporter HKT1. Expression of OsHKT1 in the yeast strain CY162 defective in K+-uptake restored growth at mM and micro M concentrations of K+ and mediated hypersensitivity to Na+. When expressed in Xenopus oocytes, rice OsHKT1 showed uptake characteristics(More)
We describe the role of mentors in an experimental course on human-computer interaction (HCI) taught in the Computer Science Department at Stanford University for the past two years. Students practice design within the course by collaborating in small groups on 12-week projects, in which they analyze a work environment, design and implement a prototype user(More)
Hybrids lose heterotic yield advantage when multiplied sexually via meiosis. A potential alternative breeding system for hybrids is apospory, where female gametes develop without meiosis. Common among grasses, apospory begins in the nucellus, where aposporous initials (AIs) appear near the sexual megaspore mother cell (MeMC). The cellular origin of AIs is(More)
— We have developed a novel control mechanism that deploys a large number of inexpensive robots as a distributed remote sensing array, called a Distributed Robotic Macrosen-sor (DRM). A simple virtual spring mesh abstraction is used to provide fully distributed control that is both flexible and fault-tolerant. We describe and evaluate several algorithms for(More)
Since the CHI community involves both researchers and practitioners, we often sQuggle with the issue of technology transfer. The CHI conference features many innovative research ideas and interesting product designs, but there have been disappointingly few cases in which products were based on research projects. Although many compauies have tried to address(More)
Under high salt conditions, plant growth is severely inhibited due to both osmotic and ionic stresses. In an effort to dissect genes and pathways that respond to changes in osmotic potential under salt stress, the expression patterns were compared of 460 non-redundant salt-responsive genes in barley during the initial phase under osmotic versus salt stress(More)
Much research in handwriting recognition has focused on how to improve recognizers with constrained training set sizes. This paper presents the results of training a nearest-neighbor based online Japanese Kanji recognizer and a neural-network based online cursive English recognizer on a wide range of training set sizes, including sizes not generally(More)
Patients presenting with testicular pain and swelling mandate an urgent urology review and scrotal exploration to prevent testicle loss due to torsion. Other pathology masquerading as torsion is extremely rare but can occur. We present one such case. A 14-year-old male presented with a 1-day history of right testicular swelling and tenderness. He was(More)