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As organizations become ever more dependent on networked operations, they are increasingly vulnerable to attack by a variety of attackers, including criminals, terrorists and nation states using cyber attacks. New malware attacks, including viruses, Trojans, and worms, are constantly and rapidly emerging threats. However, attackers often reuse code and(More)
This work is a study of a hybrid adaptive controller that blends fixed feedback control and adaptive feedback control techniques. This type of adaptive controller removes the requirement that information about the disturbance is known apriori. Additionally, the control structure is implemented in such a way that as long as the adaptive controller is stable(More)
The Escher model relies on a mix of government and industry funding to identify cross-industry needs and select technologies for maturation and transitioning. The Escher organization serves as a thin layer of management to join end users and the research community in setting standards, directing users to available sites, using uniform community-established(More)
Key science and technology focus areas for the US Air Force over the next two decades that will provide technologically achievable capabilities enabling the Air Force to gain the greatest US joint force effectiveness in 2030 and beyond Technology horizons : a vision for Air Force science and technology 2010–30. p. cm. Disclaimer Technology Horizons is a(More)
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