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A method for computed tomography using equipment available on some radiotherapy simulators has been investigated. An offset narrow fan beam of X rays passes transversely through the object and is continuously detected by an image intensifier and TV camera system while the beam and detector complete a rotation about the object in 30 seconds. Several TV lines(More)
Velocity profile measurements have been made for steady and pulsatile flow within rigid tube models of a curved and a planar arterial bifurcation with the intent of providing some insight into the fluid mechanical forces existing at such branches. An example in the cardiovascular system of a curved bifurcation is the branching of the left common coronary(More)
The influence of abdominal aortic stenosis on the uptake of the protein-binding trypan blue dye and 131I human serum albumin (HSA) has been studied. The major change was a region of high uptake proximal to the stenosis, returning to normal by the level of the renal arteries. There was reduced uptake distal to the stenosis, apart from occasional small areas(More)
The uptake of 131I-albumin by the wall of the isolated pig thoracic aorta was investigated in vitro to achieve good control of the experimental conditions. The lumena of the arteries were perfused with a balanced salt solution (Hanks') containing the radioactively labelled albumin. Albumin flux was studied at three static intralumenal pressures, viz 6.7,(More)
The present study examined the impact of reputation information on athletes’ behavioral responses to coaches within a naturalistic, field-based setting. Using a between-group design, male soccer players (n = 35) were assigned to one of three experimental conditions (i.e., experienced reputation, inexperienced reputation, no reputation) prior to taking part(More)
Reflection from an arterial discontinuity, such as a stenosis, would be expected to produce partial standing waves of pressure and flow proximal to the stenosis. This phenomenon is demonstrated by determining the amplitude changes of the harmonic components of pressure and flow waves recorded at three sites at different distances from an experimental(More)
  • Amy Wright, Keeron Stone, +10 authors James Faulkner
  • Journal of stroke and cerebrovascular diseases…
  • 2017
Stroke is a major global health problem whereby many survivors have unmet needs concerning mobility during recovery. As such, the use of robotic-assisted devices (i.e., a bionic leg) within a community setting may be an important adjunct to normal physiotherapy in chronic stroke survivors. This study will be a dual-center, randomized, parallel group(More)
The uptake of trypan blue and [131I]human serum albumin (HSA) has been studied in the dog's abdominal aorta between 1 and 42 days after removal of an experimental stenosis (approximately 90%) applied 1 week previously. Previous work has shown that when the stenosis was present during circulation of these markers, their uptake was increased immediately(More)