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Awareness of antibiotics in wastewaters and aquatic ecosystems is growing as investigations into alternate pollutants increase and analytical techniques for detecting these chemicals improve. The presence of three antibiotics (ciprofloxacin, norfloxacin and cephalexin) was evaluated in both sewage effluent and environmental waters downstream from a sewage(More)
This paper describes an application middleware that addresses the requirement for immediate high-quality multimedia communications in environments where users' work practices exhibit a large degree of physical mobility. A modern hospital is one such environment, with diverse, often mission-critical, communication needs that are not addressed adequately by(More)
In this paper, we present a new technique to capture and index computer-based activities, without hindering natural humancomputer interactions. This technique is based on the Virtual Network Computing (VNC) technology, which is an ultra-thinclient/server computing model that separates the display interface from the application logic in windowing systems.(More)
We have extended an Interface Definition Language to handle event registration and notification. Clients register interest in specified classes of events, and servers then notify them of any occurrence asynchronously. Event occurrences are identified by parameters which conform to IDL typing constraints and can therefore be used in synchronous method(More)
Many applications are emerging which share the characteristic of being <i>active</i>, i.e. driven by asynchronous run-time events. The application areas include multimedia, cooperative working (such as conferencing), intelligent agent architectures, active database and support for user mobility. Prototype active applications are often developed from scratch(More)
The work documented in this report also features in the following available papers: The Opera multimedia research group are investigating storage architectures, database paradigms and programming support for emerging multimedia uses. Bacon93b] and Moody93] describe overviews of this work. Chapter 5 of this dissertation is partly concerned with active(More)
We conducted a study on diversity and habitat requirements of small mammals in the western part of the Albertine Rift, eastern Democratic Republic of Congo. The work aimed at providing a more complete list of species recorded to date and their habitat requirements to aid conservation efforts in the region. Trapping was conducted using Museum special, Victor(More)