John Barry Ryan

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General editor: George c. edwards iii 'The Oxford Handbooks of American Politics are a grandly ambitious undertaking. Success depends on coverage, scholarship, and editorial command. measured by these standards, the Handbooks will be immensely valuable to the discipline. The right topics are analyzed by knowledgeable scholars and managed by experienced(More)
Citizens minimize information costs by obtaining political guidance from others who have already assumed the costs of acquiring and processing political information. A problem occurs because ideal informants, typically characterized by the joint presence of political expertise and shared viewpoints, are frequently unavailable or rare within the groups where(More)
Informational asymmetries occur frequently and systematically within political communication networks, and this paper focuses on the implications for the quality of political judgments, as well as for political influence among citizens. Political information often comes at a cost to individual citizens, and this cost is likely to vary quite dramatically(More)
This paper is a first report on an experimental program aimed at considering the consequences of information costs and information sources for the citizenship capacities of both individuals and electorates. An experimental platform is designed to undertake this effort in the context of cost conscious, goal oriented subjects who must obtain information on(More)