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High Spatial Resolution Satellite Imagery, DEM Derivatives, and Image Segmentation for the Detection of Mass Wasting Processes
An automated approach to identifying landslides using a combination of high-resolution satellite imagery and digital elevation derivatives is offered as an alternative to aerial photographicExpand
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Optimal stress locations in finite element models
The existence of optimal points for calculating accurate stresses within finite element models is discussed. A method for locating such points is proposed and applied to several popular finiteExpand
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Modeling cliff erosion using negative power law scaling of rockfalls
We model cliff erosion using an approach based upon the negative power law scaling properties of rockfall magnitude–frequency distributions. These are derived from an extensive, high resolution,Expand
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Seismically-induced mass movements and volumetric fluxes resulting from the 2010 Mw=7.2 earthquake in the Sierra Cucapah, Mexico
The observation that sediment flux from mountain ranges struck by high magnitude earthquakes can be strongly influenced by coseismic mass movements brings into question the nature of coseismicExpand
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More on optimal stress points—reduced integration, element distortions and error estimation
The presented work addresses the relationships between optimal sampling points, reduced integration and geometric distortion with the objective of estimating errors in terms of those considerations.Expand
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Methods for measuring rock surface weathering and erosion: A critical review
Studies of rates, processes and modes of rock surface, and near-surface, deterioration, and also hardening, are central to rock weathering and building stone research, conservation and management.Expand
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Large-scale moraine deformation at the Athabasca Glacier, Jasper National Park, Alberta, Canada
In this paper the development of a large-scale gravitational deformation involving the eastern lateral moraine of the Athabasca Glacier in Jasper National Park, Alberta, Canada, is described.Expand
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Reed beds take on industrial waste
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Simplification: ethical implications for modelling and simulation
Put simply a model is a representation of 'something else'. Models may take many forms ranging from scaled models used to represent real world physical objects, such as buildings and new consumerExpand
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