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  • SIEW HONG, T. J. WONG, +12 authors Dan Tinkelman
  • 1998
Issuers of initial public offerings ~IPOs! can report earnings in excess of cash f lows by taking positive accruals. This paper provides evidence that issuers with unusually high accruals in the IPO year experience poor stock return performance in the three years thereafter. IPO issuers in the most " aggressive " quartile of earnings managers have a(More)
AskJef is a prototype AI system that helps software engineers in designing human-machine interfaces. It provides a memory of interface design examples, primitive domain objects, and design principles, guidelines , errors and stories. The design examples are represented graphically and decomposed temporally. The different types of knowledge are cross-indexed(More)
In this paper, we describe the formatting guidelines for IJCA Journal Submission. This paper presents a system for communication and control by disabled people based on automatic recognition of phonemes. This system allows users to navigate around an alphabet board by making phonemic utterances, thus enabling the user to spell out messages. Phoneme
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