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Issuers of initial public offerings ~IPOs! can report earnings in excess of cash f lows by taking positive accruals. This paper provides evidence that issuers with unusually high accruals in the IPO year experience poor stock return performance in the three years thereafter. IPO issuers in the most “aggressive” quartile of earnings managers have a(More)
A critical determinant of the efficacy of antineoplastic therapy is the response of malignant cells to DNA damage induced by anticancer agents. The p53 tumor-suppressor gene is a critical component of two distinct cellular responses to DNA damage, the induction of a reversible arrest at the G1/S cell cycle checkpoint, and the activation of apoptosis, a(More)
BCR-ABL expression is presumed to effect clonal expansion in chronic myeloid leukemia (CML) by deregulation of cell proliferation. However, most studies have found that relative rates of cell proliferation are not increased in CML. Moreover, we found that CML progenitors display a normal proliferative response to growth factors and do not manifest greater(More)
The t(4;8)(p16;p23) translocation, in either the balanced form or the unbalanced form, has been reported several times. Taking into consideration the fact that this translocation may be undetected in routine cytogenetics, we find that it may be the most frequent translocation after t(11q;22q), which is the most common reciprocal translocation in humans.(More)
AskJef is a prototype AI system that helps software engineers in designing human-machine interfaces. It provides a memory of interface design examples, primitive domain objects, and design principles, guidelines, errors and stories. The design examples are represented graphically and decomposed temporally. The different types of knowledge are cross-indexed(More)
We report the identification of six patients with 3q29 microdeletion syndrome. The clinical phenotype is variable despite an almost identical deletion size. The phenotype includes mild-to-moderate mental retardation, with only slightly dysmorphic facial features that are similar in most patients: a long and narrow face, short philtrum, and high nasal(More)
Colorectal tumorigenesis proceeds through an accumulation of specific genetic alterations. Studies of the mechanism by which these genetic changes effect malignant transformation have focused on the deregulation of cell proliferation. However, colorectal epithelial homeostasis is dependent not only on the rate of cell production but also on apoptosis, a(More)
Desmoid tumors are slowly growing fibrous tumors highly resistant to therapy and often fatal. Here, we report hereditary desmoid disease (HDD), a novel autosomal dominant trait with 100% penetrance affecting a three-generation kindred. Desmoid tumors are usually a complication of familial adenomatous polyposis, a predisposition to the early development of(More)
Recent studies have suggested that testosterone levels are lower in men with Alzheimer's disease and that testosterone treatment improves cognition in older men. Since testosterone can be aromatized to estrogen, testosterone's effects could be due to conversion into estrogen. We treated aged male rats with either testosterone or dihydrotestosterone (DHT),(More)
We discuss optimization of the optical properties of hollow-core antiresonant reflecting optical waveguides (ARROWs). We demonstrate significant reduction of waveguide loss to 2.6/cm for a 10.4microm(2) mode area after adding an initial etching step of the substrate material. The effect of differences in confinement layer thickness is quantified and an(More)