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A Review of Humor in Educational Settings: Four Decades of Research
The primary goal of this project is to provide a summary of extant research regarding humor in the classroom, with an emphasis on identifying and explaining inconsistencies in research findings andExpand
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A Meta-Analysis of Research on Inoculation Theory
A meta-analysis of 54 cases testing the effectiveness of inoculation theory at conferring resistance and examining the mechanisms of the theory was conducted. The analyses revealed inoculationExpand
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Nuances about the Role and Impact of Affect in Inoculation
This study examined the role and impact of affect in resistance. A three-phase experiment was conducted. The results indicated that inoculation treatments conferred resistance and exerted nuancedExpand
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Norms, expectations, and deception: A norm violation model of veracity judgments
Violations of expectations have been advanced as an explanation for how people make veracity judgments, and previous research has found that unexpected weird behavior is rated as less honest thanExpand
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Inoculating Against Reactance to Persuasive Health Messages
This investigation examined the possibility of decreasing psychological reactance to health campaigns through the use of inoculation messages. It was hypothesized that an inoculation message, whichExpand
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Role and Impact of Involvement and Enhanced Threat in Resistance
This study examined the relative impact of outcome-relevant (OR), value-relevant (VR), and impression-relevant (IR) involvement on resistance to influence and whether it is possible to enhanceExpand
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Weak-Tie Support Network Preference and Perceived Life Stress Among Participants in Health-Related, Computer-Mediated Support Groups
The study reported here examines characteristics of weak-tie support network preference among members of health-related computer-mediated support groups. Expand
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More on Inoculating Against Reactance to Persuasive Health Messages: The Paradox of Threat
ABSTRACT This research examined the efficacy of inoculation as a strategy to mitigate psychological reactance based on the level of threat communicated in the forewarning and subsequent persuasiveExpand
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Exploring the “That's-Not-All” Effect: A Test of Theoretical Explanations
The “that's-not-all” (TNA) technique is a sequential request strategy in which an offer is improved before the message receiver responds. Although the TNA procedure has been the subject of severalExpand
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