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Acute stress has been associated with activation of glutamate efflux in forebrain structures. The present study sought to characterize the extracellular dynamics of glutamate in response to acute and repeated stress in the prefrontal cortex and hippocampus in rats. One-minute sampling of extracellular glutamate levels was performed during repeated(More)
PURPOSE Several reports have implicated nicorandil as a reversible cause of anal ulceration. We have recently commenced a specialist clinic for patients presenting with severe anal ulceration to assess treatment in this difficult group. Recognition of this association may avoid unnecessary surgery. METHODS Twenty-six patients treated with nicorandil had(More)
BACKGROUND The validity of opinions expressed in questionnaire surveys diminishes with lower response rates. Recent research suggests that general practitioners (GPs) are more likely to respond to questionnaire surveys if they are motivated to do so because the subject of the survey is perceived as relevant to the practitioner at the time of the survey, and(More)
Sclerosing peritonitis is a rare condition characterised by ascites, peritoneal and bowel wall thickening. Causes reported in the literature include luteal ovarian the comas, peritoneal dialysis, peritoneal chemotherapy and liver cirrhosis. We report an interesting case of a woman presenting with diarrhoea, abdominal distension, ascites and pleural(More)
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