John B. Spalding

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The effects of the exercise-induced rise in glucagon were studied during 2.5 h of treadmill exercise in 18-h fasted dogs. Five dogs were studied during paired experiments in which pancreatic hormones were clamped at basal levels during a control period (using somatostatin and intraportal hormone replacement), then altered during exercise to stimulate the(More)
The results are given of a questionnaire study to determine the range of difficulties that doctors notice in their work due to congenital colour vision deficiency (CCVD). The study is primarily qualitative. A questionnaire was sent to 40 self-selected doctors, 35 of whom were general practitioners (GPs). All were administered a number of colour vision tests(More)
  • J A Spalding
  • 1999
Colour is often used as a sign in medicine, yet there have been few studies into the effects of a colour vision deficiency (CVD) on doctors' medical skills. Using a literature search, the results indicate the prevalence of CVD in the medical profession and its effects on medical skills. For the congenital form among male doctors in the United Kingdom, the(More)
The author describes his experiences due to his inherited colour vision deficiency, as a child, as student and as a medical practitioner, when he had certain difficulties in clinical work. He quotes from the literature on the clinical skills of physicians with this deficiency and gives an account of his own research that involved meeting and testing other(More)
These experiments examined the role of the exercise-induced increment in glucagon in the control of ketogenesis during prolonged moderate-intensity (100 m/min, 12% grade) treadmill exercise. Dogs were studied during 150 min of exercise with saline infusion alone (C; n = 6) with the glucagon levels clamped at basal values (somatostatin infusion with basal(More)
A group of doctors with congenital colour vision deficiency (CCVD) were compared with a group of controls in their assessment of colour blocks in the colour range of a widely available blood glucose testing stick. The majority of doctors with CCVD agreed with controls on colour matching. However, subjects with severe CCVD tended to match test blocks to a(More)
AIM To determine if medical practitioners with congenital colour vision deficiencies (CCVD) are less able to identify and delineate the extent of coloured abnormal signs than those with normal colour vision. METHOD Twenty-two medical practitioners with CCVD and 17 with normal colour vision, matched for age and gender, were shown 10 photographs. They were(More)
BLAST Filter and GraphAlign are web-based tools that offer novel methods for building and analyzing sets of related (i.e. similar) DNA and protein sequences. They can be used separately or together. BLAST Filter generates related sequence sets in an automated, objective and reproducible way based on an input query sequence. Sequences matched by BLAST are(More)
BACKGROUND Physicians with congenital colour vision deficiency (CCVD) have reported difficulties recognising certain physical signs of illness, for example, jaundice, red rashes and pallor, and interpreting coloured charts, diagrams and slide projections. However, there has been little study of the effects of CCVD on the performance of medical(More)