John B. Slaughter

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This document is a work of the U.S. Government and is in the public domain. It may be distributed and copied subject to the following stipulation: Copyrights to graphics included in this document are reserved by original copyright holders or their assignees, and are used here with permission. on matters involving science and technology policy," and "shall(More)
In any large scale data processing development the cost of software development is three to five times the cost of hardware. It is estimated that in 1980's this development cost will jump to ten times that of the expenditures predicted for the hardware of that era. If the Government or industry is to maintain a ceiling on this cost, research must be(More)
In addressing the question of the high cost of software it is essential, first of all, to surround the issue in such a way that it is possible to achieve some understanding of the problem and its causes. The first question to be answered is that of whether or not software costs are, in fact, too high. In order to answer this question requires a definition(More)
Christie School is successfully demonstrating that a continuum-of-care model must be established to effectively provide a choice of resources to help children and families. Also significant, it is showing that intensive treatment can be provided by the private sector at a lesser cost than through the public institutions. (Comparison based on similar(More)
We encourage readers to reproduce and disseminate this with permission. If you would like to be placed on our mailing list, Foreword One key challenge for the academy is to increase the ranks of faculty of color in all institutions. Simply stated, in a country that honors cultural pluralism it is incumbent on postsecondary institutions to reflect the(More)
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