John B Siegfried

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Low amplitude high frequency wavelets have been demonstrated to be ubiquitous in the visual system of animals and are observed in the ERG of man. Wavelets have also been observed superimposed upon large slow waves obtained from electrodes on occipital scalp. Presently, the rather stereotypic wavelet repetition rate permitted the use of active analog filters(More)
INTRODUCTION With a prevalence of 3-5%, amblyopia represents a major public health problem. Effective treatment depends on early detection, and a broad consensus of professional opinion supports vision screening of infants and young children. No single method of screening has been demonstrated to be superior in detecting amblyopia and all methods have(More)
PURPOSE To study the function of the parvocellular (P) and the magnocellular (M) visual systems with steady-state visual evoked potentials (VEPs) in anisometropic amblyopes. METHODS A matrix of isolated checks was superimposed on a steady background with different check sizes and temporal frequencies to form specific stimuli to preferentially activate the(More)
To evaluate the within-session and inter-session repeatability of a new, short-duration transient visual evoked potential (SD-tVEP) device on normal individuals, we tested 30 normal subjects (20/20 visual acuity, normal 24-2 SITA Standard VF) with SD-tVEP. Ten of these subjects had their tests repeated within 1-2 months from the initial visit. Synchronized(More)
Spending on big-time college athletics is often justified on the grounds that athletic success attracts students and raises donations. We exploit data on bookmaker spreads to estimate the probability of winning each game for college football teams. We then condition on these probabilities using a propensity score design to estimate the effects of winning on(More)
Filesharing is a growing and powerful phenomenon that affects many legitimate markets, especially that of recorded music. Many economists have tried to estimate filesharing's effect on music sales with varying conclusions and degrees of success. We find that all of these studies have become obsolete and that it is necessary to approach this question again(More)
Visual evoked potentials (VEPs) to pattern reversal and psychophysical contrast sensitivity (CS) were tested in five patients with Uhthoff's symptom before and after exercise. Four of the cases were related to a demyelinating disease and one patient had a severe brain injury. Uhthoff's symptom occurred also in neuropathies without previous clinical neuritis(More)