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Recent experimental evidence has suggested that circulating suppressor leukocytes play an important role in mediating the suppression of immunity seen in burn patients. In order to shed further light on the relationship between suppressor cells and depressed cellular immunity 22 patients were studied (mean age 37) who had suffered severe burns of greater(More)
We have previously reported that severe burn injury was regularly accompanied by impaired lymphocyte responses to T cell mitogens, circulating suppressor lymphocytes, and serum factors suppressive of lymphocyte activation. However, in burned patients it was difficult to determine whether these manifestations of suppressed immunity were predictive of, or the(More)
Depressed cell-mediated and humoral immune functions have been reported to occur following severe thermal and traumatic injury. In this study we have questioned whether another immune function, natural killing (NK), is also disturbed in these injured patients. Twenty-two thermally injured patients with burns ranging from 5 to 75% of the total body surface(More)
OBJECTIVE Despite the high prevalence of hospitalization for left iliac fossa tenderness, there is a striking lack of randomized data available to guide therapy. The authors hypothesize that an oral antibiotic and fluids are not inferior to intravenous (IV) antibiotics and 'bowel rest' in clinically diagnosed acute uncomplicated diverticulitis. METHOD A(More)
BACKGROUND Recent trials suggest that the early administration of analgesia in patients with acute abdominal pain facilitates examination and does not delay diagnosis. We investigated current practice regarding analgesia for these patients. METHODS All patients admitted via the accident and emergency department with abdominal pain were included. The main(More)
We studied the production of the two major mediators of cellular immune responses, Interleukin 1 (IL-1) and Interleukin 2 (IL-2), by the peripheral blood mononuclear cells of 23 burn patients (16 men, seven women, mean age 48.9 years) compared with 23 matched controls (16 men, seven women, mean age 46.7 years). Serial measurements were made of IL-1(More)
The increased susceptibility of severely injured patients to infection and death from sepsis has been attributed to abnormalities in cell-mediated immunity. The authors therefore assessed the relative number of peripheral blood T helper cells and T suppressor/cytotoxic cells and total T lymphocytes identified by the monoclonal antibodies (McA) OKT4, OKT8,(More)
UNLABELLED In today's medico-legal environment, the importance of identification of the authors of notes in patient medical charts cannot be overemphasized. We evaluated three different techniques of signing patient notes, over a one month period, in order to determine which technique was the most effective in identifying the author of the note. Surgical(More)
BACKGROUND Faults in writing prescriptions are a common source of medical error. Iatrogenic injury due to medication error increases patient morbidity and hospital stay, thereby encouraging litigation. AIM To assess the accuracy and legibility of the prescriptions in patients' medication charts. METHODS A cross-sectional observational study examined(More)