John B McDonald

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We compress phase-shift digital holograms (whole Fresnel fields) for the transmission of three-dimensional images. For real-time networking applications, the time required to compress can be as critical as the compression rate. We achieve lossy compression through quantization of both the real and imaginary streams, followed by a bit packing operation.(More)
We propose a task-specific digital holographic capture system for three-dimensional scenes, which can reduce the amount of data sent from the camera system to the receiver and can effectively reconstruct partially occluded objects. The system requires knowledge of the object of interest, but it does not require a priori knowledge of either the occlusion or(More)
We present a digital signal processing technique that reduces the speckle content in reconstructed digital holograms. The method is based on sequential sampling of the discrete Fourier transform of the reconstructed image field. Speckle reduction is achieved at the expense of a reduced intensity and resolution, but this trade-off is shown to be greatly(More)
We present a technique for performing segmentation of macroscopic three-dimensional objects recorded using in-line digital holography. We numerically reconstruct a single perspective of each object at a range of depths. At each point in the digital wavefront we calculate variance about a neighborhood. The maximum variance at each point over all depths is(More)
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