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The atomic force microscope was used to examine the cytoplasmic surface of untreated as well as fixed human erythrocyte membranes that had been continuously maintained under aqueous solutions. To assess the effects of drying, some membranes were examined in air. Erythrocytes attached to mica or glass were sheared open with a stream of isotonic buffer, which(More)
Right angle magnetron sputtering (RAMS) was used to produce hydroxyapatite (HA) film coatings on pure titanium substrates and oriented silicon wafer (Si(0 0 1)) substrates with flat surfaces as well as engineered surfaces having different forms. Analyses using synchrotron XRD, AFM, XPS, FTIR and SEM with EDS showed that as-sputtered thin coatings consist of(More)
Transmission electron microscopy (TEM) observations of graphite tubules (buckytubes) and their derivatives have revealed not only the previously reported buckytube geometries but also additional shapes of the buckytube derivatives. Detailed cross-sectional TEM images reveal the cylindrical cross section of buckytubes and the growth pattern of buckytubes as(More)
The synthesis and properties of the hybrid organic/inorganic germanium perovskite compounds, AGeI3, are reported (A = Cs, organic cation). The systematic study of this reaction system led to the isolation of 6 new hybrid semiconductors. Using CsGeI3 (1) as the prototype compound, we have prepared methylammonium, CH3NH3GeI3 (2), formamidinium, HC(NH2)2GeI3(More)
This article reports the study of infrared plasmonics with both random and periodic arrays of indium-tin-oxide (ITO) nanorods (NR). A description is given on the synthesis, patterning, and characterization of physical properties of the ITO NR arrays. A classical scattering model, along with a 3-D finite-element-method and a 3-D finite-difference-time-domain(More)
Most organic radicals possess short lifetimes and quickly undergo dimerization or oxidation. Here, we report on the synthesis by radical templation of a class of air- and water-stable organic radicals, trapped within a homo[2]catenane composed of two rigid and fixed cyclobis(paraquat-p-phenylene) rings. The highly energetic octacationic homo[2]catenane,(More)
We describe surface-enhanced Raman scattering measurements from a benzenethiol monolayer adsorbed on a silver-coated film that is, in turn, deposited on an artificial opal, where the latter is a close-packed three-dimensional dielectric lattice formed from polystyrene spheres. Data for a range of sphere sizes, silver film thicknesses, and laser excitation(More)
We have fabricated line gratings from periodically etched fused silica on which a thin silver film is deposited that is in turn covered with a silica index-matched fluid. This dielectrically symmetric geometry supports an independent long-range surface plasmon-polariton (LRSPP) and a short-range surface plasmon polariton, and the associated plasmonic band(More)
We examine the coupling of electromagnetic waves incident normal to a thin silver film that forms an oscillatory grating embedded between two otherwise uniform, semi-infinite half spaces. Two grating structures are considered, in one of which the midpoint of the Ag film remains fixed whereas the thickness varies sinusoidally, while in the other the mid(More)
The various decay mechanisms of excitons in cuprous oxide (Cu 2 O) are highly sensitive to defects which can relax selection rules. Here we report cryogenic hyperspectral imaging of exciton luminescence from cuprous oxide crystals grown via the floating zone method showing that the samples have few defects. Some locations, however, show strain splitting of(More)