John B. Ketterson

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Transmission electron microscopy (TEM) observations of graphite tubules (buckytubes) and their derivatives have revealed not only the previously reported buckytube geometries but also additional shapes of the buckytube derivatives. Detailed cross-sectional TEM images reveal the cylindrical cross section of buckytubes and the growth pattern of buckytubes as(More)
Right angle magnetron sputtering (RAMS) was used to produce hydroxyapatite (HA) film coatings on pure titanium substrates and oriented silicon wafer (Si(0 0 1)) substrates with flat surfaces as well as engineered surfaces having different forms. Analyses using synchrotron XRD, AFM, XPS, FTIR and SEM with EDS showed that as-sputtered thin coatings consist of(More)
The various decay mechanisms of excitons in cuprous oxide (Cu 2 O) are highly sensitive to defects which can relax selection rules. Here we report cryogenic hyperspectral imaging of exciton luminescence from cuprous oxide crystals grown via the floating zone method showing that the samples have few defects. Some locations, however, show strain splitting of(More)
We present results on the in situ, two-dimensional growth ͑as opposed to the more commonly encountered island-coalescence mechanism͒ of continuous epitaxial Cu 2 O films on MgO͑011͒ using dc facing-magnetron sputtering from metallic Cu targets in an oxygen/argon atmosphere. Film growth was studied as a function of deposition time and the dc power applied to(More)
Most organic radicals possess short lifetimes and quickly undergo dimerization or oxidation. Here, we report on the synthesis by radical templation of a class of air- and water-stable organic radicals, trapped within a homo[2]catenane composed of two rigid and fixed cyclobis(paraquat-p-phenylene) rings. The highly energetic octacationic homo[2]catenane,(More)
We fabricated bismuth ͑Bi͒ nanowires with low energy electron beam lithography using silver ͑Ag͒ nanocrystal shadowmasks and a subsequent chlorine reactive ion etching. Submicron-size metal contacts on the single Bi nanowire were successfully prepared by in situ focused ion beam metal deposition for transport measurements. The temperature dependent(More)
The efficiency of third-harmonic generation in cuprous oxide was measured. Intensities followed a noncubic power law that indicates nonperturbative behavior. Polarization anisotropy of the harmonic generation was demonstrated and related to the third-order susceptibility. The results will influence the understanding of harmonic generation in centrosymmetric(More)
We report measurements of the attenuation of a beam of orthoexciton polaritons by a photoionizing optical probe. Excitons were prepared in a narrow resonance by two photon absorption of a 1.016 eV, 54 ps pulsed light source in cuprous oxide (Cu 2 O) at 1.4 K. A collinear, 1.165 eV, 54 ps probe delayed by 119 ps was used to measure the photoionization cross(More)
We have patterned novel Permalloy thin films with quasicrystalline Penrose P2 tilings and measured their dc magnetization and ferromagnetic resonance absorption. Reproducible anomalies in the hysteretic, low-field data signal a series of abrupt transitions between ordered magnetization textures, culminating in a smooth evolution into a saturated state.(More)
We present results of a microwave surface impedance study of the heavy fermion superconductor UBe(13). We clearly observe an absorption peak whose frequency and temperature dependence scales with the BCS gap function Delta(T). Resonant absorption into a collective mode, with energy approximately proportional to the superconducting gap, is proposed as a(More)