John B. Johnston

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A small depression is created in a straight optical fiber taper to form a local probe suitable for studying closely spaced, planar micropho-tonic devices. The tension of the " dimpled " taper controls the probe-sample interaction length and the level of noise present during coupling measurements. Practical demonstrations with high-Q silicon microcavities(More)
Identifying physiological ligands is necessary for annotating new protein structures, yet this presents a significant challenge to biologists and pharmaceutical chemists. Here we develop a predictor of cholesterol and cholate binding that works across diverse protein families, extending beyond sequence motif-based prediction. This approach combines(More)
The Synthesizer-Generator (or simply Syn-Gen) is a software tool for building context sensitive editors. It has been applied to a wide variety of applications, ranging from programing language editors to editors that insure balanced chemical equations. The context sensitivity is provided by using attribute grammars. We provide an introduction to Syn-Gen and(More)
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