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Nineteen Australasian populations of Drosophila melanogaster have been screened for chromosome inversion polymorphisms. All 15 of the inversion types found are paracentric and autosomal, but only four of these, one on each of the major autosome arms, are common and cosmopolitan. North-south clines occur, with the frequencies of all four of the common(More)
Blood alcohol measurements were obtained for 206 pairs of twins who had ingested a standard dose of alcohol (0.75g/kg body weight) and repeat measurements were obtained for 40 of these pairs on a second occasion. The repeatability of the peak blood alcohot concentration (BAC) was 0.66, that of the rate of elimination was 0.39, and that of the time to peak(More)
Geographic variation in Esterase-6 (Est-6) and Phosphoglucomutase (Pgm) gene frequencies in Australasian populations of Drosophila melanogaster are compared with analogous data collated from 16 previous reports for North America and Europe/Asia. A large-scale latitudinal cline is found on all three zoogeographic zones for Est-6 and overall, Est-61.00(More)
A battery of psychomotor tasks and physiological measures was administered to 206 pairs of twins before alcohol and then three times at hourly intervals after they ingested a standard dose of ethanol (0.75 g/kg body weight). Repeat measurements were obtained for 4l of these pairs on a second occasion. Performance on motor coordination, standing steadi-ness,(More)
Ethanol levels in Drosophila breeding sites in seepages of unfortified wine inside wineries have been found to be similar to those in many decaying fruits and vegetables. Fortified wine seepages inside wineries have ethanol levels on average three times as high as other breeding sites. However there was no evidence that this variation in ethanol levels was(More)
The alcohol dehydrogenase (ADH) variant ADH-FCh.D. has a secondary alcohol/primary alcohol activity ratio characteristic of ADH-S although it has an electrophoretic mobility inseparable from ADH-F. ADH-FCh.D. is distinguished from these two common ADH variants by being much more thermostable. Genetic analysis suggests tht ADH-FCh.D. is specified by an(More)
Northern analyses of two low-activitysn-glycerol-3-phosphate dehydrogenase(Gpdh) alleles extracted from natural populations ofDrosophila melanogaster showed that one of them,Gpdh ACyg22 , produced wild-type levels of a normal sized (1.7-kb) mRNA but the other,Gpdh AMB5 , had very low levels of a 1.7-kb mRNA together with low levels of a transcript 200 bp(More)
P element-mediated transformation has been usedto investigate the regulation of expression of thesn-glycerol-3-phosphate dehydrogenase gene ofDrosophila melanogaster. A 13-kb constructcontaining the eight exons and associated introns, 5 kb of the5′ region, and 3 kb downstream from the structuralgene produced normal levels of enzyme activity andrescued the(More)