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Purified calf thymus DNA polymerases delta I and II each have an associated 3' to 5' exonuclease but otherwise resemble DNA polymerase alpha in size, biochemical kinetic parameters, and the presence of DNA primase [Crute, J. J., Wahl, A. F., & Bambara, R. A. (1986) Biochemistry 25, 26-36]. Here we demonstrate a functional association of polymerase and(More)
Previous attempts to clone the Escherichia coli polA+ gene onto a high copy number plasmid were unsuccessful. The apparent lethality of unregulated overproduction of DNA polymerase I can be eliminated by cutting at a BglII site 100 nucleotides upstream from the ATG start codon of the polA gene. This permitted the construction of plasmid pMP5 which contains(More)
An assay for the quantitation of the serum levels of free and whole molecule-associated beta-subunit of human chorionic gonadotropin on the Abbott IMx analyzer is described. The assay detects human beta-chorionic gonadotropin with a sensitivity of approximately 0.5 IU/l while showing no cross-reactivity with follitropin (1000 IU/l) or thyrotropin (2.0(More)
CONTEXT -Most current proficiency testing challenges for next-generation sequencing assays are methods-based proficiency testing surveys that use DNA from characterized reference samples to test both the wet-bench and bioinformatics/dry-bench aspects of the tests. Methods-based proficiency testing surveys are limited by the number and types of mutations(More)
In the presence of ATP, the beta subunit of the Escherichia coli DNA polymerase III holoenzyme can induce a stable initiation complex with the other holoenzyme subunits and primed DNA that is capable of highly processive synthesis. We have recently demonstrated that the ATP requirement for processive synthesis can be bypassed by an excess of the beta(More)
The photo-activatable analogs of ATP, 3'-O-(4-benzoyl) benzoic adenosine 5'-triphosphate (BzATP) and 8-azidoadenosine 5'-triphosphate (8-N3-ATP) were used to study the relationship between the polymerase activity and the closely associated primase activity of calf DNA polymerase alpha. A substantial loss of DNA primase activity occurred during(More)
1. Epidermal growth factor (EGF) inhibits intracellular protein breakdown in IMR90 human fibroblasts and other cell lines having EGF receptors. 2. Inhibition is achieved within 1 h of exposure to the growth factor and is reversed equally rapidly upon removal of EGF. 3. EGF inhibits protein breakdown and stimulates protein and DNA labelling with similar(More)
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