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We present an infant with macrocrania, who initially demonstrated prominent extra-axial fluid collections on sonography of the brain, compatible with benign infantile hydrocephalus (BIH). Because of increasing macrocrania, a follow-up sonogram of the brain was performed; it revealed progressive enlargement of the extra-axial spaces, which now had echogenic(More)
While sigmoid volvulus is commonly seen in older patients, it is rarely encountered in children and younger adults. Consequently, heightened awareness of this entity is required to avoid a delay in diagnosis. Among the pediatric and adult cases of colonic volvulus previously reported in the English literature, 23 of the affected individuals have also been(More)
Primary pulmonary tuberculosis in infancy still exists in the urban United States, reflecting new immigrations from less developed areas. The clinical diagnosis may be difficult and routine chest radiographs may be confusing. We found magnification high KV filtered radiography to be very useful in delineating the primary complex and its effect on the(More)
We report the multimodality imaging findings of peritoneal inclusion cysts in two adolescent females each with a prior history of abdominal surgery. The few reports of peritoneal inclusion cysts in the pediatric population have largely focused on the clinical and pathological features of this entity. We wish to emphasize the imaging findings of peritoneal(More)
A high incidence of bilateral cystic disease occurs in patients who have uremia of chronic renal disease that is being treated by intermittent hemodialysis. Complications of uremic cysts include cyst rupture, cyst hemorrhage, and the development of solid adenomatous or adenocarcinomatous lesions. Obtaining screening sonograms of the native kidneys of(More)
We report the imaging findings of two recent cases of primary bacterial peritonitis in otherwise healthy children with a clinical presentation mimicking acute appendicitis. Primary bacterial peritonitis is rare in the absence of underlying systemic disease. Although it has been described in the pediatric literature, the imaging findings have not been(More)
PURPOSE To retrospectively determine the accuracy of low-dose (20-mAs) computed tomography (CT) in the diagnosis of acute appendicitis in children by using a technique that enables the simulation of human CT scans acquired at a lower tube current given the image acquired at a standard dose. MATERIALS AND METHODS Institutional review board approval was(More)
Controversy surrounds the management of a residual chest mass in patients treated for Hodgkin's disease. Between 1971 and 1985, we treated 22 children, aged 7-18 years, with pathologically proven Hodgkin's disease. Nine had radiographic evidence of mediastinal and/or pulmonary involvement. Following treatment, a residual or new chest mass occurred in three(More)