John Ashworth

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The empirical literature on central banking has found measures of central bank independence/conservatism to be negatively correlated with inflation and inflation variance across countries. But the cross-country approach has been criticised for its focus on policy outcomes instead of policies, and for the unsystematic conflation of the concepts of(More)
We propose a new method of correcting for the effects of color and turbidity on bacterial light output measurements in the Microtox bioassay. Using our method, toxicity assessment involves clearly defined calculation factors, based on light loss measurements using a modified double-cuvette. An existing color-correction method requires additional(More)
There are two opposing schools of thought regarding the management of pigmented penile macules. Allan and Spitz, as well as Pack and Davis, are of the opinion that almost all pigmented naevi present on the palms, soles and genitalia are junctional naevi and have a higher incidence of malignant change and, therefore, should be removed. On the other hand,(More)
The rapid growth in the demand for Internet services and many new applications has driven the development of satellite, which are the preferred delivery mechanism due to its wide area coverage, multicasting capacity and speed to deliver affordable future services. However, security has been one of the barriers for satellite services, especially for domains(More)
Following the present atmosphere of budgetary cuts in the OECD countries we analyze the effects of fiscal consolidation in the composition of government expenditures by functions. We modify a standard median voter demand model to incorporate a form of fiscal illusion based on the idea that voters-taxpayers may not be fully aware of the true composition of(More)
  • Benny Geys, Bruno Heyndels, +9 authors Kristien Werck
  • 2006
Political fragmentation has been shown to be an important determinant of electoral turnout. We introduce an empirical approach that allows disentangling the impact of two dimensions of such fragmentation: the number of parties and the size inequalities between those parties. This is important as it allows us to assess the size, significance and direction of(More)
Following the present atmosphere of budgetary cuts we analyze the effects of fiscal consolidation on the composition of government expenditures by functions. Using a dynamic voter group decision model and exploiting the panel structure of the dataset – 26 OECD countries over the period 1970-1997by GMM estimation we find that fiscal adjustments protect(More)