John Arroyo

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We took a collection of 100 drum beats from popular music tracks and estimated the measure length and down-beat position of each one. Using these values, we normalized each pattern to form an ensemble of aligned drum patterns. Principal Component Analysis on this data set results in a set of basis 'patterns' that can be combined to give approximations and(More)
This paper proposes a systematic analysis and design procedure for simultaneously determining the best locations and input signals of flexible AC transmission system (FACTS) devices in order to damp out inter-area oscillations. First, a modified modal power flow oscillation flow method is developed to determine the nature of the energy exchange over the(More)
Eigensynth is a novel synthesis engine for extracting and generating rhythms. The idea being that the user trains the synthesizer with drumming samples instead of programming them in a traditional paradigm. Rhythms are extracted using signal processing techniques, normalized and then sent for analysis using Principal Component Analysis (PCA). The original(More)
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