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BACKGROUND Real time ultrasound guided percutaneous kidney biopsy has become the standard procedure to assess the pathology of native kidneys and renal transplants. No specific technique has shown to be totally free of post biopsy bleeding complications. Few Studies have looked at the rates of post biopsy bleeding complications comparing different needle(More)
BACKGROUND Renal PatientView (RPV) is a novel, web-based system in the UK that provides patients with access to their laboratory results, in conjunction with patient information. AIM To study how renal patients within our centre access and use RPV. METHODS We sent out questionnaires in December 2011 to all 651 RPV users under our care. We collected(More)
Urine from eight normal controls in whom an influenza-like illness developed contained high concentrations of fibrin-degradation products (F.D.P.), IgG, and C3. The study was carried out when influenza A was prevalent in the community. However, a wide range of serological investigations revealed no evidence for influenza A or other viruses. The infection(More)
Transformation of membranous nephropathy into antiglomerular-basement membrane glomerluonephritis Sir, Further to the recently published case of membranous nephropathy with superimposed anti-neutrophil cyto-plasmic antibody (ANCA)-associated vasculitis [1], we report a case of membranous nephropathy (MN) with crescentic transformation secondary to(More)
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