John Amanatides

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A new approach to ray tracing is introduced. The definition of a “ray” is extended into a cone by including information on the spread angle and the virtual origin. The advantages of this approach, which tries to model light propagation with more fidelity, include a better method of anti-aliasing, a way of calculating fuzzy shadows and dull(More)
BSP trees have been shown to provide an effective representation of polyhedra through the use of spatial subdivision, and are an alternative to the topologically based b-reps. While bsp tree algorithms are known for a number of important operations, such as rendering, no previous work on bsp trees has provided the capability of performing boolean set(More)
In virtually all rendering systems, linear light sources are modeled with a series of point light sources that require considerable computing resources to produce realistic looking results. A general solution for shading surfaces illuminated by a linear light source is proposed. A formulation allowing for faster computation of the diiuse component o f light(More)
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