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We prove existence and stability results for a two-parameter family of solitary-wave solutions to a system in which an equation of non-linear Schrödinger type is coupled to an equation of Korteweg-de Vries type. Such systems model interactions between short and long dispersive waves. The results extend earlier results of Angulo, Albert and Angulo, and Chen.(More)
We consider systems of equations which arise in modelling strong interactions of weakly nonlinear long waves in dispersive media. For a certain class of such systems, we prove the existence and stability of localized solutions representing coupled solitary waves travelling at a common speed. Our results apply in particular to the systems derived by Gear and(More)
This study investigated the modification of asphalt with various rubbers and the effect of this modification on the values of fracture toughness at low temperature. Test results indicated that the fracture toughness of asphalt can be substantially increased by modification with a small percent of either a suitable rubber in latex form or with a low(More)
06510 ABSTRACT Affinity-purified rabbit antibodies specific for collagen types I, III, AB 2 and for a partially characterized type IV collagen derived from a murine tumor were used to study the distribution of collagens in the normal mouse kidney. Immunofluo-rescence staining of conventional frozen sections demonstrated that types I and III were present in(More)
We consider the coupled Schrödinger-KdV system i(u t + c 1 u x) + δ 1 u xx = αuv v t + c 2 v x + δ 2 v xxx + γ(v 2) x = β(|u| 2) x , which arises in various physical contexts as a model for the interaction of long and short nonlinear waves. Ground states of the system are, by definition, minimizers of the energy functional subject to constraints on(More)
To my wife, Heather and To my parents, Phillip and Marian Acknowledgments. I would like to acknowledge the help and assistance given to me by my many friends and family members. Without their help, none of this would be possible. My parents, Phillip and Marian, my wife, Heather, and my sisters, Felicia, Monica and Amelia. I would also like to thank the many(More)
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