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The experience of pain is a mysterious consequence of the human condition. In the Western world, our understanding of pain has evolved in concert with our understanding of the world around us. As(More)
[3H]Nitrendipine [( 3H]NTD), a specific high-affinity calcium channel antagonist, was used to label dihydropyridine binding sites associated with calcium channels in rat cerebral cortical and cardiac(More)
This paper reviews recent experimental results on the lifetimes of the tau lepton and charmed and &flavored hadrons, and discusses the physical significance of these measurements. Presented at the(More)
The theory and practice of measuring B-hadron lifetimes, and extracting the Cabibbo-Kobayshi-Maskawa (CKM) matrix element Vca are reviewed. Experiments from CESR, DORIS, PEP, PETRA, LEP, and Fermilab(More)