John A. Wilkinson

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This paper concerns a general executive program for the Burroughs D825 Modular Data Processing System. The D825 is a large-scale, multicomputer, expansible, general-purpose, digital system employing automatic parallel processing and an extensive system of interrupts, and is especially suited to military command and control applications. Military designation(More)
The relationships between knowledge, emotions and behaviour are complex, and yet it is important to understand how these factors can affect a person's health. This is of particular relevance in relation to a person's lifestyle and his/her response to health promotion strategies. In this article there is a presentation of the psychological conceptualization(More)
In days gone by, trustees of nonprofit corporations were unlikely to be sued. Today, however, trustees are no longer immune from such actions. Prudent trustees must be able to assess their personal liability as interpreted within their twin fiduciary duties of care and loyalty, and take appropriate steps to minimize their risks.
A substantial component of nursing is concerned with solving problems, or helping patients and clients to solve problems for themselves. This article considers problem solving in a range of nursing practice settings and outlines how psychology can help to explain and inform this process. The diverse nature of problems which nurses might encounter in their(More)
Human beings judge and make sense of their surroundings in two ways. Sensory organs supply information to the brain where it is processed and interpreted according to the idiosyncrasies of that individual's personality and experiences. Perception is the active process which integrates and coordinates these activities. Hence, any sensory message can be(More)
The article considers the issue of compliance in the context of encouraging patients to follow advice given to them by nurses. Caution is expressed regarding the avoidance of coercion through the exertion of overt pressure or by more subtle means such as the socializing effects of becoming a patient. It is suggested that an effective and humanistic approach(More)
Many people are living longer and, as a consequence, the UK is populated by increasing numbers of elderly people. This trend towards an increase in longevity has been matched with an increase in morbidity, despite contemporary professional and lay interest in the adoption of healthier lifestyles. Hence, expertise in elderly care is likely to continue to be(More)
It is sometimes the case that a care plan will make a reference to some notion of what is termed 'psychological care' with little explanation of what this means or how it might be achieved beyond some common sense comments about communication. Although psychology yields a body of knowledge which is of use to nursing practice, it is generally only in recent(More)