John A. Waicukauski

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We present a novel method to efficiently generate, compress and apply test patterns in a logic BIST architecture. Patterns are generated by a modified automatic test pattern generator (ATPG) and are encoded as linear feedback shift register (LFSR) initial values (seeds); one or more patterns can be encoded into a single LFSR seed. During test application,(More)
Logic built-in self test (BIST) is increasingly being adopted to improve test quality and reduce test costs for rapidly growing designs. Compared to deterministic automated test pattern gener¿ation (ATPG), BIST presents inherent fault diagnostic challenges. Previous diagnostic techniques have been limited in their diagnosis resolution and/or require(More)
X-tolerant deterministic BIST (XDBIST) was recently presented as a method to efficiently compress and apply scan patterns generated by automatic test pattern generation (ATPG) in a logic built-in self-test architecture. In this paper we introduce a novel selector architecture that allows arbitrary compression ratios, scales to any number of scan chains and(More)
A new method for generating weighted random patterns for testing LSSD logic chips and modules is described. Advantages in using weighted random versus either deterministic or random test patterns are discussed. An algorithm for calculating an initial set of input-weighting factors and a procedure for obtaining complete stuck-fault coverage are presented. An(More)