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UNLABELLED Previous research using functional transcranial Doppler sonography showed that blood flow velocity in the anterior cerebral artery is significantly less in patients with Huntington's disease (HD) than in healthy volunteers while they are completing mazes. The current research used SPECT to study regional cerebral blood flow (rCBF) in patients(More)
Chronic traumatic brain injury (CTBI) is associated with contact sports such as boxing. CTBI results from repetitive blows to the head rather than from a single impact. CTBI individuals present with motor symptoms (incoordination, spasticity, parkinsonism), cognitive impairment (executive dysfunction, memory deficits) and neuropsychiatric symptoms(More)
PURPOSE The initial or first clinical presentation of altered sensation of smell is directly linked to the degree of impaired sensitivity. We took the opportunity to examine normal and nonspecific MRI findings in 6 patients with known anosmia after traumatic brain injury with perfusion SPECT brain imaging. MATERIAL AND METHODS Patients included those with(More)
Ovarian cancer has the lowest survival rate of the gynecologic cancers because it is predominantly diagnosed in the late stages due to the lack of reliable symptoms and efficacious screening techniques. A novel hybrid intraoperative probe has been developed and evaluated for its potential role in detecting and characterizing ovarian tissue. The hybrid(More)
OBJECTIVE Assess the contribution of structural and functional neuroimaging methods to the diagnosis of dementia. METHODS This was a retrospective chart and imaging review. Participants were 24 inpatient dementia cases from a general hospital-based, university medical psychiatry unit. Data from clinical charts and imaging results were reviewed. RESULTS(More)
Frontotemporal dementia (FTD) is second only to Alzheimer's disease in individuals younger than 65 years of age. Behavioral variant FTD (bvFTD) presents with nonspecific symptoms such as disinhibition, apathy, or emotional blunting. Although neuropsychological testing and structural neuroimaging are not very helpful in diagnosing bvFTD in its initial(More)
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