John A. Toomey

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Fetal mouse NK cells are grossly deficient in the expression of Ly49 molecules yet show a limited ability to distinguish between wild-type and MHC class I-deficient target cells. In this paper we report that during their development in vitro from immature thymic progenitors, a proportion of C57BL/6 fetal NK cells acquires receptors for a soluble form of the(More)
NK cells obtained by exposing mouse fetal thymocytes to appropriate combinations of IL-4, IL-2, and PMA are phenotypically indistinguishable from cultured adult splenic NK cells with the exception that they generally lack measurable expression of all of the inhibitory Ly49 molecules that can currently be detected with Abs (Ly49A, -C, -G, and -I) and of the(More)
1. Plain broth is just as effective as specific broth filtrate if used as a skin compress for the protection of guinea pigs against a subcutaneous injection of Staphylococcus aureus. 2. Plain broth compresses applied for 48 hours previous to bacterial injection sometimes prevent the death of the animal and practically always alter the inflammatory(More)
1. Many substances besides the specific broth filtrates of Besredka can be utilized as topical applications to protect guinea pigs from the effects of massive doses of staphylococcus given subcutaneously. (Plain broth, peptone 10 per cent, peptone 1 per cent, Liebig's meat extract, mustard plaster and normal horse serum.) 2. Where such protection occurs, no(More)
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