John A. Stine

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Wireless network access protocols can assist nodes to conserve energy by identifying when they can enter low energy states. The goal is to put all nodes not involved in a transmission into the doze state. However, in doing so, one must tradeoff the energy and other costs associated with the overhead of coordinating dozing with the energy savings of putting(More)
We propose a novel medium access control protocol for ad hoc wireless networks called Synchronous Collision Resolution (SCR) 2. The protocol assumes that nodes in the network are synchronized, thus, nodes with data to send can contend simultaneously for the channel. Nodes contend for access using a synchronous signaling mechanism that achieves two(More)
—Spectrum management is the process of deciding how radio frequency (RF) spectrum may be used in a geographical region and who may use it. Traditionally, spectrum management has been executed as an administrative and political process with the intent of making lasting decisions. Its lack of responsiveness and resolution causes much spectrum to lay fallow(More)
ABSTMCT This paper proposes a trafic management protocol built upon the 802.11 IU4C that is designed to provide the multiple qualities of service particular to tact~cal communications. Together, the protocols allow for the integration of voice and data trafic giving priority to voice without preempting data. Additional features allow for more efficient(More)