John A Steuter

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Measurement of parasite proliferation in cultured red blood cells underpins many facets of malaria research, from drug sensitivity assays to assessing the impact of experimentally altered genes on parasite growth, virulence and fitness. Pioneering efforts to grow Plasmodium falciparum in cultured red blood cells revolutionised malaria research and spurred(More)
The use of autologous hematopoietic SCT (auto-HSCT) has expanded to include older patients. Increasing age is a well-appreciated risk factor for the development of atrial fibrillation and/or atrial flutter (AF/AFL) in the general population. As more elderly patients undergo auto-HSCT, the risk of developing AF/AFL post transplant may also increase. However,(More)
BACKGROUND Real-time myocardial contrast echocardiography (RTMCE) directly measures capillary flow (CBF), which in turn is a major regulator of coronary flow and resistance during demand or hyperemic stress. Although fractional flow reserve (FFR) was developed to assess the physiological relevance of an epicardial stenosis, it assumes maximal microvascular(More)
BACKGROUND Published guidelines recommend baseline cardiac function testing before initiating anthracycline-based chemotherapy. These recommendations are based largely on consensus, and there is little information regarding how often testing leads to alterations in therapy or whether testing is able to predict subsequent cardiac toxicity. PATIENTS AND(More)
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