John A. Simmons

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In this paper, we consider ill-posed problems which discretize to linear least squares problems with matrices K of high dimensions. The algorithm proposed uses K only as an operator and does not need to explicitly store or modify it. A method related to one of Lanczos is used to project the problem onto a subspace for which K is bidiagonal. It is then an(More)
A new technique, root projection (RP), is given for quantitative deconvolution of causal time series in the presence of moderate amounts of noise. Deconvolution is treated as a well-conditioned but underdetermined problem and a priori information is employed to obtain comparable noise reduction to that achieved by singular value decomposition (SVD)(More)
Until recently it has been impossible to accurately determine the roots of polynomials of high degree, even for polynomials derived from the Z transform of time series where the dynamic range of the coefficients is generally less than 100 dB. In a companion paper, two new programs for solving such polynomials were discussed and applied to signature analysis(More)
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