John A. Schuster

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The use of live bait by anglers is an important vector of both aquatic and terrestrial invasive species. Bait-bucket introductions of invasive crayfishes, fishes, earthworms, pathogens, and other organisms have reduced biodiversity and altered ecosystem function and structure throughout the United States, including the Mid-Atlantic region. In 2008, we(More)
  • Isaac I Kim, Ron Stieger, Joseph A Koontz, Carter Moursund, Micah Barclay, Prasanna Adhikari +4 others
  • 1998
The TerraLink laser communication (lasercom) system was developed as a cost-effective, high-bandwidth, wireless alternative to fiber optic transmission. The advantages of lasercom over fiber optic cabling are primarily economic. However, free-space lasercom is subject to atmospheric effects, such as attenuation and scintillation, which can reduce link(More)
Quantitative analysis of literary style has heretofore utilized semantic elements-word counts. This research attempts to identify quantifiable syntactic elements of style that can be used for author identification. The measurement of syntactic elements utilizes a dictionary with one part of speech per word and looks at phrases delimited by punctuation(More)
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