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In this article we outline a conceptualization of attachment processes within the family. We argue that the key elements of attachment processes are affect regulation, interpersonal understanding, information processing, and the provision of comfort within intimate relationships. Although these have been described and assessed primarily in terms of(More)
BACKGROUND While school-based anti-bullying programs are widely used, there have been few controlled trials of effectiveness. This study compared the effect of manualized School Psychiatric Consultation (SPC), CAPSLE (a systems and mentalization focused whole school intervention), and treatment-as-usual (TAU) in reducing aggression and victimization among(More)
  • J A Sargent
  • 1990
We investigated the extent to which dialysis prescription is achieved in the United States and the reasons for failure to do so. Dialysis treatment data (blood urea nitrogen [BUN], duration [T], and dialyzer urea clearance [K]), for 297 patients treated in 48 dialysis units in the United States were used to calculate the urea kinetic modeling parameter, V(More)
In leaves of S. nigra, fragmentation of the rachis follows the autumnal abscission of leaflets and the high levels of ethylene produced by the senescing blades. Fragmentation is accompanied by cell growth and ultrastructural changes in a zone of cells precisely differentiated at the separation zone. Studies with explants from the rachis show that those that(More)
Computer technology can now be applied to virtually every aspect of dialysis-care delivery; however, analysis and judgment are required to determine which applications will be cost-effective for a specific facility and how they can best be implemented. Cost-effectiveness must be considered, since arbitrary limitations on the cost of care are an increasing(More)