John A. Sargent

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The purpose of the NCDS was to determine the probability of clinical failure (PF) as a function of the level of dialysis and protein catabolic rate (pcr, g/kg/day). The level of dialysis prescribed in the NCDS was mechanistically defined as Kt/V (product of dialyzer urea clearance and treatment time divided by body urea volume), which exponentially(More)
This report summarizes morbidity in 151 patients in a cooperative trial designed to evaluate the clinical effects of different dialysis prescriptions. Four treatment groups were divided along two dimensions: dialysis treatment time (long or short), and blood urea nitrogen (BUN) concentration averaged with respect to time (TACurea) (high or low). Dietary(More)
BACKGROUND While school-based anti-bullying programs are widely used, there have been few controlled trials of effectiveness. This study compared the effect of manualized School Psychiatric Consultation (SPC), CAPSLE (a systems and mentalization focused whole school intervention), and treatment-as-usual (TAU) in reducing aggression and victimization among(More)
Daily measurements of nitrogen balance were made at two levels of protein intake in five patients undergoing chronic intermittent dialysis therapy. During ingestion of high (1.4 g/kg of body wt) protein intake, nitrogen balance was positive on nondialysis days and negative on dialysis days, so that cumulative balance for the week of study was not different(More)
Uremia is characterized by gross contamination of body water with a wide spectrum of retained solutes normally excreted by the kidney. The rationale for dialysis therapy is that these retained solutes have concentration-dependent toxicity, which can be ameliorated through removal by dialysis. Apart from the well-established clinical consequences of(More)
Rye embryos of high viability and vigour can be imbibed for 1 hour, dehydrated and subsequently rehydrated without harm. However, extension of the imbibition period results in progressive structural damage to cells of both the embryonic root and the coleorhiza. Greatest sensitivity to this treatment is shown by the microtubule assembly system and the(More)
The effects of IAA and ethylene have been compared on the development of epidermal cells in intact shoots of etiolated pea plants. In the expanding sub-apical region ethylene has little effect on cell volume over 24 h but between 12 and 24 h rapid increases occur in cell wall thickening, part of which is due to the deposition of longitudinally orientated(More)
In this article we outline a conceptualization of attachment processes within the family. We argue that the key elements of attachment processes are affect regulation, interpersonal understanding, information processing, and the provision of comfort within intimate relationships. Although these have been described and assessed primarily in terms of(More)