John A. Rock

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OBJECTIVES To identify and study adults (21 years or older) who have a 46,XY karyotype and presented as infants or children with genital ambiguity, including a small phallus and perineoscrotal hypospadias, reared male or female. METHODS Participants were classified according to the cause underlying their intersex condition based on review of medical and(More)
PURPOSE OF REVIEW Cervical agenesis is an extremely rare congenital anomaly of the female reproductive tract. There are many anatomical forms that constitute this type of cervical abnormality and the literature is replete with attempts to surgically restore a patent outflow tract and preserve fertility in these patients. There are no carefully designed(More)
OBJECTIVES To outline the anatomic variations of malformations of the uterine cervix and to discuss the clinical management of cervical agenesis and dysgenesis. DESIGN Thirty patients who were treated for cervical malformations in six institutions during a 69-year interval are reviewed. SETTING Hospital-based tertiary-care reproductive endocrine(More)
OBJECTIVE To present the clinical, biochemical, and genetic features of a male pseudohermaphrodite whose condition was caused by 17beta-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase 3 (17beta-HSD3) deficiency. DESIGN Case report. SETTING Gynecology practice in a university teaching hospital. PATIENT(S) A 15-year-old black American male pseudohermaphrodite with(More)
OBJECTIVE To describe the presentation and clinical course of two patients after development of vaginal agglutination associated with chronic graft-versus-host disease. DESIGN Case report. SETTING Tertiary referral center for pelvic reconstructive surgery. PATIENT(S) Two patients with the diagnosis of chronic graft-versus-host disease who later(More)
UNLABELLED This review summarizes current knowledge about the roles of cyclooxygenases and prostaglandins in reproductive medicine. With the development of COX-2 specific inhibitors, new therapeutic options are available to obstetricians and gynecologists, offering better-tolerated alternatives to conventional NSAIDs. The analgesic effectiveness of COX-2(More)
Prior to initiating routine fetal cord serum (FCS) supplementation in our in vitro laboratory, the incidence of HIV in 306 random fetal cord samples obtained at the Labor and Delivery Unit of the Johns Hopkins Hospital from July 1985 to January 1988 was determined from a crosssectional patient sample. Of 306 samples, 3 (0.98%) were positive for HIV, and(More)
Multifractals are inhomogeneous measures (or functions) which are typically described by a full spectrum of real dimensions, as opposed to a single real dimension. Results from the study of fractal strings in the analysis of their geometry, spectra and dynamics via certain zeta functions and their poles (the complex dimensions) are used in this text as a(More)
We discuss a number of techniques for determining the Minkowski dimension of bounded subsets of some Euclidean space of any dimension, including: the box-counting dimension and equivalent definitions based on various box-counting functions; the similarity dimension via the Moran equation (at least in the case of self-similar sets); the order of the(More)