John A. Pickering

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A meta-analytic review of the Triple P-Positive Parenting program by Wilson et al., recently published in BMC Medicine, claimed to demonstrate that although Triple P is widely disseminated and adopted, the evidence attesting to the effectiveness of the program is not as convincing as it may appear. Although this review addresses the important issue of(More)
BACKGROUND Dispute exists over the best treatment for softening occlusive earwax. Some require the patient to go away for days before returning for syringing. Some syringe immediately with no preparation. METHODS An open, nonblinded, randomised controlled trial was conducted in one rural general practice. Effects of instillation of water into the ear(More)
Parents play a crucial role in the development of their children's relationships with their siblings. Despite this, relatively few evidence-based parenting programs exist that specifically offer parents the strategies and techniques they desire and require for managing their children's sibling relationships. One way of bridging this gap is to design a(More)
Preventing the maltreatment of children is a major public health challenge. Using the Triple P-Positive Parenting program as an example, this article makes the case that strengthening parenting and family relationships at a population level is a potentially powerful means of taking on this challenge. We focus on the value of making parenting programs(More)
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